FLIGHT OF THE HUMBLEBEE - a show for 6 - 12 year olds.

In this 'choose your own adventure’ style interactive comedy, master storyteller Nadia Sunde takes kids on a hilarious and fun-filled journey into the wilderness of their own imaginations. With only a humble bee as their guide, together they tumble down the rabbit hole of wondrous possibilities, curiosities and adventure. No suburban backyard will ever look the same again. 

Recommended for 6 - 12 year olds. 

This show has been specifically written and designed to meet with Covid safe regulations.


ABOUT THE SHOW...from Nadia xo 

In Flight of the Humblebee children become collaborators in a storytelling adventure.  

The room is set up with a garden stage set at the front and ten tables positioned in front of that. Each table has a brown paper parcel wrapped with string and a tag which reads ‘Do not open until your name is called’. The tag has the name of a native Australian flower on it.  

I tell the children how happy I am to be able to share my garden with them and go off on a story all about the important visitors I share it with - native bees. This is where I explore the native bees common to our region. I then introduce my very special native bee friend - Bumble the teddy bear bee. I tell them all about how Bumble collects pollen on his legs and fuzzy tummy, sharing it among the flowers in the garden, which helps the plants and vegetables grow.  

Bumble and I have a wonderful game to share.  

I explain that each package has a special object from my own special collection. Each piece has been carefully selected on my travels all over the world.  

Bumble takes a fly around the garden. Every time he lands on a flower, I say the name of that flower...and if it’s the same name as the name on your parcel….then it’s your turn to open it!  

The objects are AWESOME! An antique key in a treasure box…rainbow diamond necklace in a satin bag…an antique button in a tiny jar inside a tiny box. Each object has a story attached to it. But each story has holes in it that the students/children are invited to fill with details from their own imagination and ideas. I take these ideas and run with them in an improvised storytelling adventure. There’s just enough scaffold to make every single story magical. And the children are right there with me!



We went to see Nadia & her Flight of the Humblebee today at Sandgate Town Hall. What a gem! Nadia is so creative, funny and engaging. She wove a story around native flowers and bees and magically had the children adding to the story with their own ideas (including a guinea pig called Gary!). My granddaughter loved it and so did I.”

— C. Aitchison, Brisbane 2021.