Hi! I'm Nadia.

I'm a performing artist, songwriter, vocalist, author and live performance coach.

Creating moments with audiences that hold the space for joyful, righteous and inspiring connections is my jam. 

Whether it's a concert, spectacle theatre, children's storytime, improvised comedy or spoken word event - the space that exists between audience and stage is my playground and the place I feel most at home. 

I'm passionate about sharing my skills, techniques and tools so you too can unlock the sheer joy of live performance.

Contact me if you'd like to find out more about my coaching practice. 

I saw Nadia for a life changing performance coaching session. Since then I have felt in my performer power - calm, confident and able to ENJOY the excitement of the upcoming performances and the performances themselves. My nerves have turned into excitement and I have never had so much fun performing in my life. If you are a performance artist then get in touch with Nadia, it's a must. ”

— Kara Towner, performing artist, songwriter, DJ



In late 2020 I was asked by the State Library of Queensland and the First 5 Forever Program to write five original new songs inspired by their book series 'Stories for Little Queenslanders'.

After doing the happy dance in my kitchen for a full half hour I got to work absorbing the wonderful books created by Queensland authors and illustrators. With 12 different stories to choose from it was tricky business!

Each morning I serenaded my family over breakfast with ideas, thoughts and music all about quolls, mangoes, footballs, turtles, swimming pools, frogs, fruit bats, bush turkeys and koalas! I'll never take for granted the incredible privilege it is to do the work I do with the people I do it with.

We're excited to have finally launched these gorgeous new songs and I can't wait to share them with you live very soon!

Kudos and respect to the wonderful team at the State Library of Queensland and the First 5 Forever Program for putting their faith, love and money behind Queensland authors, artists and songwriters....particularly during such a tough year in the arts.

My gratitude also to the wonderful Michael Fix who lent his incomparable magic and skill to the recordings.

Please visit the State Library of Queensland Soundcloud page to hear all of them and enjoy the stories being read aloud by some very special librarians and friends. 

For now...here's a sneaky listen to one of the songs 'Once I Munched A Mango' with lyrics by Samantha Wheeler  and music by me. 

With love.

Nadia xo


Master the skills, techniques & tools to feel and be amazing every time you step onstage.

One on one sessions: 

90mins - $220

2hrs - $300

Students only - 60mins - $120

What is live performance coaching?

Perhaps you’re a singer/songwriter doing your best to stand out in the crowd, a cabaret artist piecing together a live show, an author bringing words to life at a profile event or even a corporation who relies on presentations to convert clients and motivate your team. You’ve already invested loads of time, money and passion in developing your work to the point where it’s ready to share with an audience.

But how do you navigate what happens next? 

You have something important to say and your message needs to be heard. 

It’s my mission to help you deliver that message in a way that is utterly 
engaging, irresistible and memorable...for all the right reasons! 


I will share my secrets, tips and techniques to help you... 

Calm the overwhelm of performance anxiety.

Silence the inner critic. 

Build true confidence.

Uncover your own unique voice.

Learn to trust you instincts and abilities.

Hone your stage craft...including authentic and effortless stage patter.

Understand what your audience actually wants and deliver it.

Understand how to use your body to enhance the impact of your message .

Develop effective practise techniques.

and more...


If you have any questions or just want to chat through the options please contact me:

PH: 0435 188 049 / EMAIL: nadia@nadiasunde.com


Nadia, Houdini like, got a child who does not speak, to become a part of the storytelling. She’s the benchmark that everyone else needs to aspire to. ”

— Teacher Librarian, Seven Hills State School.